About Us

About Us

TIFPL was formed in early 2016 by a group of 4 powerlifting friends living and training together in Alberta, Canada. In the beginning, we bonded over our shared frustration in response to the way most popular representations of women’s powerlifting focus more on booty gains than athletic achievements. After one too many sarcastic venting sessions, we decided to stop complaining and do something about it.

Darron, Beans, Gaïa, Angelina

Fuck it, we decided. We’ll represent. We’ll pave the way to a realistic, unbiased, inclusive documentation of our sport. We’ll find others who feel like we do and we’ll carve a niche that belongs to all of us.

We’re sick of looking up “greatest moments in powerlifting history” videos on YouTube and not seeing women represented. We’re sick of the way people get incredibly hyped to see the male lifters they worship lift and compete but don’t seem to know anything about the female legends of our sport lifting at the same meets. We’re sick of feeling pressured to assure everyone we’re “still pretty” or feminine or whatever when that has fuck all to do with picking up a bar and putting it down.

This is a sport. We are athletes. We aren’t here to be looked at. We are here to get strong, lift heavy and own the platform. Welcome to the Guts x Grit x Grind Revolution. This is Female Powerlifting. 

Instagram: @thisisfemalepowerlifting
YouTube: This is Female Powerlifting