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Episode 8 | By The Followers, For The Followers Part 1 of 2


TIFPL put a call out on Instagram to find out what YOU guys wanted to hear us talk about, and you delivered a ton of fantastic, thoughtful questions in response. You asked, we answered, and then we just kept talking. Check out the first episode of our two-part series!

With 4 out of the 5 guests on the show having recently competed in both national and local competitions, this episode is full of fun for lifters at every level of the game. Your questions covered everything from how we psyche up for a lift (hint: summon the power of at least two demons), to the biggest mistakes we’ve made in our powerlifting careers, to the advice we would give our newbie selves. Although we each have different advice, – don’t be afraid to start, don’t be afraid to be ambitious, and don’t be afraid to speak up if you feel something is off with a coach or your environment – and we’ve all made different mistakes, ultimately we want everyone at every stage of their powerlifting career to have fun celebrating their bad-ass strength. Finally, we get a little feminist-y as we discuss #getyouagirlwhocandoboth. If you’d like to help us hi-jack this hashtag, listen on!

Podcasters: Beans, Gaia, Danielle, Vanessa, and Sibina.

(2.00) asks how we get in the headspace for a lift, whether at the gym or in a meet. None of us like getting yelled at. Danielle summons demons. Gaïa is a smiling delight.
(6.35) Gaïa demonstrates rage lifting. Very convincing.
(9.40) Beans’ lifts are based around practice/routine/habit whether in the gym or at a meet
(14.40) How powerlifting forces us to become more aware of not just our physical functions but our mental functions
(17.35) What do you know now that you wish you’d known before, what advice would you give your n00b self
(18.05) Sibina says listen to your gut
(18.35) Beans says MORE VOLUME, get jacked brah
(18.55) Danielle says “coach Danielle is a bad coach!”
(20.50) PLATEAUS HAPPEN. You are not a garbage human. Don’t let it get to you.
(22.05) Vanessa says don’t put off starting because you’re “not strong enough”, no such thing.
(23.20) Don’t be ashamed of where you’re at, Beans talks about how she came dead last at her very first meet and gave no fucks because POWERLIFTING IS FUN!
(24.45) Gaïa says don’t be afraid to be ambitious, and don’t waste time worrying about your weight.
(27.30) asks us about mistakes we’ve made and what we learned
(27.50) Danielle benched without safeties and embarrassed herself at the powerlifting gym, Beans did basically the same thing at the community rec centre
(29.15) Our first encounters with competition combination racks
(29.55) Forgetting clips and collars and making a ruckus!
(31.15) Being self-conscious about filming lifts, now it’s just second nature
(33.30) Beans talks about some of the terrible, obvious mistakes she’s seen while volunteering at meets
(41.50) wants to know what we think about the “girls who do both” type trends…. which leads to the epic lipstick story from CPU Nationals!
(44.00) What if…what if you can’t/don’t do both? Why does it fucking mater?
(46.00) Sibina goes Full Feminist! YUSSSS!
(48.25) Beans comes to the logical conclusion that she’s a girl who can do both because she can chug whiskey OR vodka!

Stay tuned for part 2 of 2!

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Ship Wrek – Pain (feat. Mia Vaile):

Outro Music:
Go F Yourself by Two Feet

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