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Episode 7 | Are you actually human garbage? What are you going to do about it?

This time, it is about the feels. Episode 7 is a subjective discussion of the positives and negatives of comparison and creeping your competition; is social media destroying you or driving you? We talk realistically about when it can be beneficial, detrimental, or just downright irrelevant. We also explore lifting self-esteem through injury or downtime, and the importance of cutting yourself some slack and celebrating the small stuff.

Hosts this episode are Beans, Danielle, Liz and Darron.

Today’s episode features Darron (@dare_24 on the Instas) and Beans (@inthemouthofthewolf) holding down the fort for the OGs along with certified TIFPL bad-asses Liz (@lizflaming) who is returning for her second go-around after enjoying herself so much on the Shitbag Christmas episode, and Danielle (@daniellephilibert24) who is making her rookie appearance on the show! We are talking feels today – the mental side of picking things up and putting them down.
(1:45) Comparison – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
• (2:30) Instagram – What are we doing while we’re creeping on the ‘Gram.
• Creeping when you’re in a good place vs. creeping when you are not
• Seeing the inspirational in watching the top-end lift instead of being a pouty pants because you are not there yet
• (7:00) The humanizing reality of knowing IG lifters in person vs. them only ever being a name on a screen
• Disconnect and things that you would celebrate in person that are maybe more challenging to celebrate when you’re only seeing them online
• We name drop Sara Cowan an awful lot in this segment – you can check her out at @saracowan95 on Instagram. Thanks for inspiring all of us!
• (11:30) Instagram as a highlight reel and not real life
(13:30) Playing the “InstaGame”
• (14:00) Why do you post the videos that you post?
• (17:00) Portraying the perfect life via Instagram – what happens when things don’t go well?
• Flip side – purposefully using your Instagram as only a positive vehicle to cut negative self talk out
• (21:20) You are not just a powerlifter! Post your dog! The sunset! A night out with friends!
(22:10) Comparing Apples to Apples and Celebrating Your Own Success
(25:30) Self Care – Physical Struggles: Cutting Weight
• (27:30) The Spoon Theory was written by Christine Miserandino as a personal story and analogy of what it is like to live with sickness or disability. You can read more here:
• (28:30) The mind-fuck of success of cutting a large amount of weight and lifting the same/less on the other end
• Alyssa Smith (@alyssasmithpl) is a 72kg lifter in the CPU who has previously lifted in the 84 and 84+ categories and has held multiple records in all three categories. If we look at her deadlift (where she still holds the 72 and 84+ national records) her numbers were 230 at 84+; 217.5 (2014) at 84 (2015); and 202.5 at 72 (2016). It is incredibly difficult to cut significant amounts of weight and maintain/gain strength at the same time, especially if you are not still getting “newbie gains”. (data from:
• (30:00) Diet life. Being hungry sucks. Maintaining focus and brain power can suck. You’ll probably think about food all the time. Cutting can take up way more of your life than you might expect.
• (34:00) Owning your goals
• (36:35) The article Danielle is referring to is “Strong Enough” Joanna Rieber, which you can find here:
• Rhaea Stinn talks about weight classes on this episode of the Canadian Powerlifting podcast:
(37:20) “Overtraining”, volume and feels
(44:20) Injury
• (46:30) Are you hurt or are you injured?
• (47:30) Major injuries, knowing that you will never be the same again, and them feels
• (50:55) Finding different things to celebrate and why it’s ok to celebrate the little things (without being a jerk!)
(55:40) Negative Self Talk and the “Self Fulfilling Prophecy of Shit”
• (57:00) No one is ever going to be as hard on you as you are on you
• (58:50) Some of the strategies we have used to battle negative self talk:
• (59:00) Prior to starting her Nationals training cycle, Danielle wrote a letter to herself that she keeps in her gym bag. On those crappy days, she re-reads it to remind herself about her goals and what she actually wants to focus on
• (1h02:10) The Power of Habit –
• (1h03:20) Writing down the mean thoughts and things that you are saying to yourself and reading them later to start to realize just how off the wall you are being
• (1h03:35) Bullet journaling – – chronicling good little things and events that make you happy and giving yourself something to look back through on those bad days.
• (1h05) Mandatory positive thought of the day!
(1h05:45) It’s Time for the Lightning Round!
(1h12:30) What’s Coming up in the World?
• Arnold Sports Festival – March 2-5 in Columbus Ohio
• Canadian Powerlifting Union National Championships – March 12-18 in Saguenay Quebec

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