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This is Female Powerlifting: Our Manifesto

It’s not that we aren’t pretty. We are. Even those of us who don’t meet conventional beauty standards shine with an irresistible inner light. We are all megababes.

It’s not that we aren’t pretty. It’s that our beauty is irrelevant. In the moment we pit ourselves against the bar, using every ounce of strength and will at our command to move the weight it holds, we transcend “pretty.” To reduce what we do to how pleasing we are to look at or how fuckable we might be at the end of the day is worse than insulting; it’s boring.

We do have beautiful, strong bodies and we’re proud of them. But as long as we allow aesthetics to come before athletics in powerlifting, we create a culture that excludes lifters who don’t fit the ideal.

Not every lifter has a little waist and a juicy booty. Not every lifter wants to look feminine. Not every lifter gives a fuck about what they look like at all. And why should they?

It’s not that we aren’t pretty. It’s that we don’t exist to be looked at. Thin, thick, or chunky, feminine, masculine, or somewhere in between, all strong bodies are good strong bodies. We all belong and we all deserve to take up space.

This launch marks the manifestation of our long-term plan to take over the world and fill it with powerlifting information, education and diversity. We want to build within the powerlifting community an army of strong, smart, strategic, passionate women with the shared goal of leaving our mark on the world. Women lifting heavy together are a positive, unstoppable badass force of nature — and we want to help harness that power across the globe to bring incredible things to this sport for us all, however that unfolds!

Let’s celebrate successes and commiserate over failures. Let’s share tips and cues and information. Let’s make sure the female legends of our sport get the recognition they deserve. We never want another athlete to feel that a powerful moment shouldn’t be shared because that power gut was out in force, a primo deadlift face ruined the perfect shot, there was pee on the platform or there were too many chins. There are never too many chins!

Let’s get this Bonerkill Brigade rolling, fuck some shit up, kick some butt and celebrate building each other up and getting comfortable with getting ugly in the name of strength. There’s more to us than being powerlifting megababes. There’s even more to us than being strong. We are here to move mountains. We are here to make waves. And we don’t owe anyone pretty. 

Yours in strength,
The TIFPL Crew

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