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F@#k Your Resolution

And what I mean by that is, fuck letting your resolutions be something you torture yourself about in the year to come. New beginnings should be about growth and goal-setting, not holding yourself to ultimatums.

By dictionary definition, a resolution in the context of the New Year is “a firm decision to do or not to do something”; which sounds like a fine setup for some nasty self-talk when you fail at doing or not doing the thing, or not thinking something through and having way too high an expectation relative to your ability.

This year, we don’t want you to make a resolution. We want you to make a plan

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Do You Even Lift? On External Validation and Bodies

It happened on a break between sets on an average bench day in February. A female colleague I didn’t know very well approached me and we struck up a friendly conversation. As she finished telling me that she used to lift heavy, she casually said, in an encouraging way, “Oh man, I bet if you started to lift you would gain muscle soo quickly.” Unfortunately, I had been lifting weights…for over a year, and had been training specifically for powerlifting for 10 months, having competed in two meets prior to this conversation. I know I was (and still am) very much a baby in the lifespan of a powerlifter, but I had most definitely started lifting by this point. Continue reading Do You Even Lift? On External Validation and Bodies

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The TIFPL Podcast is HERE!

Well, we done did it! We nervously made our way through the very first This Is Female Powerlifting Podcast! Check it out and tell us what you think! You can leave comments below or on YouTube or just shout it from the rooftops and we’ll listen!
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Get Over Yourself! Tough Love from a Powerlifting Megababe

Get over yourself. No really. I am here to serve up some tough love. Visualize some ‘80s talk show platform if you need to. Pretend I am wearing red glasses and gut-sucking pantyhose and according to a TV network I am some sort of expert about everything. I am looking straight into the camera and telling you to Get Over Yourself! Continue reading Get Over Yourself! Tough Love from a Powerlifting Megababe

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TIFPL on the Massenomics Podcast!

Tyler from Massenomics came all the way up to exotic Edmonton, Alberta to interview us about This is Female Powerlifting. We had a blast chatting about the project, how it began, how it took off and how much this growing community means to us. Check it out and leave a comment below to let us know what you think! Is it time for TIFPL to start our own podcast??

Listen on itunes or click here to listen straight from the Massenomics website!

Jaime, Gaia, Tyler, Darron and Beans

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This is Female Powerlifting: Our Manifesto

It’s not that we aren’t pretty. We are. Even those of us who don’t meet conventional beauty standards shine with an irresistible inner light. We are all megababes.

It’s not that we aren’t pretty. It’s that our beauty is irrelevant. In the moment we pit ourselves against the bar, using every ounce of strength and will at our command to move the weight it holds, we transcend “pretty.” To reduce what we do to how pleasing we are to look at or how fuckable we might be at the end of the day is worse than insulting; it’s boring. Continue reading This is Female Powerlifting: Our Manifesto